What I enjoy most, is trying to make God’s word make sense, to myself and to other people. I like to cover topics at the intersection of faith and psychology including health, relationships, soul care, mentoring, parenting and crises of faith. Although I have a soft spot for MOPS, you can also find me speaking at conferences, retreats, church services and parenting seminars.  Sometimes, groups want me to actually use my degree in Marital and Family Therapy to give a parenting or marriage seminar.

Here are some samples of things I talk about:

This is from a recent women’s health conference in which, as the featured speaker, I was tasked with “What does the Bible say about health?”

This is a video clip from a weekly Bible Study where I have finagled my way onto the teaching staff:


This is an audio clip from the last seminar I gave at Hume Lake Christian Camps:


To contact me for a speaking engagement, shoot me an email:


Below is a general bio for promotions. For a more detailed bio, contact me directly.

Alyson Pryor is a writer, speaker, Marriage and Family therapist, and mother of 5.  She holds degrees in Psychology from both The University of Southern California and Fuller Theological Seminary. She most often covers topics at the intersection of faith and psychology and is currently writing a book about implementing the Spiritual Disciplines in the modern family setting. You can find her on Instagram or her personal blog